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Vacuum Pump


We have run out of stock for this item.

Standard Pump

Standard pump is included with all Freeze Dryer purchase.

Oil Change

According to Harvest Right, oil change is required every 4-5 cycle. We recommend to change oil every 1-2 cycle for best results. The process only takes 5 minutes!

Premier Pump

Premier Pump is optional ($) when buying a Freeze Dryer.

Oil Change

This new Premier Pump rarely needs to have the oil changed or filtered. The pump has a gas ballast feature that makes it so water does not stay in the oil. Because of this, the oil in the pump will be pristine and clear, even after 30 or more batches. You simply won’t need to change the oil until you have run 20 or more batches. A High Vacuum Pump Oil is required to run this pump. Dairyland vacuum pump oil isn't appropriate. We recommend to use this Harvest Right Oil or the equivalent Robinair Oil (Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil).

Vacuum Pressure
Under cold and hot conditions the Premier Pump will pull a deeper vacuum than the Standard Pump. Under cold conditions the difference is .05 Pascal for the Premier Pump and .08 Pascal for the Standard Pump. Whereas, under warm conditions the difference is much greater: .05 Pascal for the Premier Pump and 2.05 Pascal for the Standard Pump. Hence, the Premier Pump is especially not affected by warm, ambient conditions. When temperatures rise, it will pull a vacuum far better than the Standard Pump. The Premier Pump is just not affected by outside heat. It pulls the same deep vacuum even when it is in a warm environment.

Noise, Power Consumption, Weight and Life
Premier Pump is quieter (52 dB vs 64 dB), more efficient (187 W vs 218 W), lighter (32 lbs vs 37 lbs) and more durable than Standard Pump.

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